I began my journey towards a more balanced life five years ago. I was overworked over stressed and living an unhealthy lifestyle, poor sleep, not paying attention to how I nourished my body, and feeling unfulfilled in my career choice. I had been working in the Luxury yacht industry for over 10 years working my way up to Electrical technical officer on a large private yacht. The first thing that needed to happen was to hit the pause button and take a break.

I first began to study nutrition at the institute for integrative nutrition addressing many of my bad habits regarding diet. Learning so much about food and how food is medicine lead me to deepen my knowledge and study Ayurveda at the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine. Ayurveda is the oldest known form of medicine used for over 5,000 years by the people of India. A key component of Ayurveda is meditation so I began to practice regularly and obtained my 200h meditation instructor certification with Inspired Me Meditation & Wellness. All of this knowledge is so interconnected and allowed be to create harmony in my life.

This new found inspiration inspired lead me to co-found a non-profit organization called Here2Help Community. With a vision to create a global network of community support with a volunteer app. I also started wildwolf.io a design studio to help businesses enhance their reach with apps and e-commerce websites. Both of these passions allowed me to work remotely and the flexibility I needed to live a harmonious life.

My Passion

My work is my passion and it doesn’t feel like work at all. One of the similarities between Coaching and UX Design is they both involve solving problems with creative solutions, so there’s never a day when I’m not improving creativity or problem-solving in some way. Teaching UX Design and Coaching are both extremely rewarding. There is so much room for growth and being able to make a positive impact someone’s life is amazing!

I help run two non-profit organizations. It’s so fulfilling knowing that we’re building technology and sharing information to help people. Here2Help Community is a non-profit organization I co-founded, dedicated to connecting community members to local volunteers. My other passion project is The Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum, Canada’s premier conference on psychedelic psychotherapy. Both of these organizations have helped me expand my knowledge as much as I helped them.