7 Day Meditation Challenge

This challenge is for everyone who wants to meditate and heal their life. To learn anything, we all start at some point and the only way to get better is by practising. Beginners usually face some common challenges like difficulty in habit formation. The purpose of this challenge is to hold you accountable for 7 days to begin creating a new habit.

The practice of meditation opens us to new possibilities and transformations. With regular meditation practice we are able to better respond to the external influences in our lives. Throughout this 7 day challenge you can expect to ease tension, release stress, and learn strategies to calm your worrying mind.

Keeping a meditation journal helps us have a more definite sense of what is actually going on. If we examine our experience, honestly and with a desire to learn, then we become much more aware of what our meditation practice actually is. We can become more aware of our weaknesses and our strengths, and have a much more penetrating understanding of what we need to be working on.

Use this meditation log to record you’re meditations for 7 days. You will also find on this page 7 meditations that you can use for the challenge. You may also choose to use your own meditations from another source creating a practice that works for you. Meditations can be any length you choose with a suggested minimum time of 10 minutes per meditation.